Launch of literature and project surveys on EdTech in LMICs

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In an attempt to gather as much literature, projects and interventions about EdTech in LMICs as possible, the EdTech Hub is launching two surveys to collect such information. 

The literature survey

We recognise that in such low and middle-income regions, much information is not always in searchable peer-reviewed journals or databases, yet may be highly relevant to the EdTech hub. For this reason we are including grey literature such as theses, conference papers, journal articles, NGO reports, and policy papers, among other forms. A link to the publications survey can be found here.

The projects and interventions survey

Similarly, projects may be implemented on the ground but may not have a virtual presence, let alone be captured in journal articles. We are interested in finding out about these interventions. A link to the projects and interventions survey can be found here.

We welcome any suggestions on how to improve these surveys and ideas of how we can better collect information on literature and projects.

administrator and Björn Haßler
administrator and Björn Haßler