Activating EdTech


Key information

Location Jordan
Start date December 2018
End date Spring 2022
Client Queen Rania Foundation (QRF)


OpenDevEd is working with Jordan’s Ministry of Education to develop the Ministry’s capacity to develop iterative and evidence-based decision-making practices on EdTech.

Our Approach

From an initial request to develop an EdTech strategy for Jordan, the Activating EdTech programme has evolved into the development of a Jordanian team trained in research, agile, and design thinking methods.


The team has co-developed a national EdTech Strategy, while simultaneously implementing elements of the strategy and conducting several small-scale experiments. 

The team and strategy are on track to align with other large-scale programmes in Jordan, including a World Bank-funded national blended learning programme and a national digital skills programme.

OpenDevEd staff conducted the following tasks:

  • Led the design and delivery of the project overall, in partnership with the Queen Rania Foundation
  • Organised and conducted nine ‘sprints’ – short five-day periods of intensive work coupled with tailored capacity-building exercises and materials
  • Coached the MoE technical team through designing and implementing small-scale EdTech experiments
  • Conducted a qualitative evaluation of Jordan’s experience with distance learning under COVID-19


Key outcomes of the programme included:

  • Co-developed a national, Agile EdTech Strategy and implementation plan for Jordan’s Ministry of Education


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