Improving Results In Secondary Education (IRISE)

Key details

Start date01/10/2021
End datePresent


The Improving Results in Secondary Education (IRISE) Project is funded by the World Bank to assist the Government of Liberia to improve the senior secondary education (grades 10–12) through “innovative approaches aimed at improving access, quality of teaching and learning, as well as systems building in a resource and capacity strained environment”. The project has six components:

  • Improving Teaching in Senior Secondary Education;
  • Closing the Access Gap in Secondary Education;
  • Increasing Completion Prospects in Secondary Education for Girls; 
  • Technology for learning and digital skills; 
  • Capacity building, Technical Assistant, Program Coordination, Monitoring and Management, and; 
  • Contingent Emergency Response.

Our Approach

OpenDevEd was contracted by SOFRECO to:

  • Providing technical support to the Ministry of Education and University of Liberia and Tubman University in aligning teachers’ education curricula in 8 subjects, with national senior secondary curricula and WASSCE syllabi while ensuring the best ownership of the revision process and empowerment of faculty;
  • Supporting the adaptation of teachers’ training materials and practices to Open Educational approach.


  • Leading and coordinating the overall program activities and technical assistance team
  • Ensuring the anchoring of the technical assistance activities within the IRISE Project
  • Coordinating the gap analysis process
  • Ensuring technical advice in OER4Schools and similar relevant approaches
  • Ensuring technical guidance for the review and realignment of the existing curricula
  • Ensuring technical guidance for revising the courses/modules syllabi, as well as developing training and teaching materials 
  • Elaborating the in-service professional development plan
  • Leading the curriculum and module validation workshops
  • Ensure report preparation and finalization


— Programmes outputs in our Evidence Library