Developing a Model Learning Recovery Strategy for Caribbean Schools (Let’s REAP)


Key information

Location CDB Borrowing Member Countries
Start date June 2021
End date August 2021
Client Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)


In response to the loss of learning inflicted across the Caribbean region by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in partnership with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), CDB has called for the development of a regional learning recovery strategy (RLRS) to support learning recovery and, as appropriate, to harmonise education policies and strategies for greater reach, agility, collaboration, and sustainability.

Our Approach

Open Development and Education (ODE) were engaged to assist stakeholders based across the CDB Borrowing Member Countries in the co-development of the Model Regional Learning Recovery and Enhancement Programme (Let’s REAP), aiming to aid Borrowing Member Countries with their efforts to mainstream appropriate and customised learning recovery activities in schools under their authority.


ODE staff, employing user-centred design and iterative development approaches, conducted consultations with key education stakeholders from the school to international levels, and developed a nine-component programme, covering:

  • leadership and accountability
  • systems management
  • cross-sectoral partnerships
  • teacher support
  • diagnostic tools
  • special education and wellbeing
  • educational resources and curriculum
  • parental engagement
  • community engagement


ODE produced three key knowledge products for the Let’s REAP programme:

  • A strategy and implementation roadmap supporting ministries of education in continuing learning recovery at the government level;
  • A strategy and implementation roadmap supporting principals in implementing learning recovery at the school level; and
  • A detailed vision for education recovery and transformation for the Caribbean region, ratified by the CDB in August 2021.


Key documentation from the programme can be found here, including:

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