Safe Education Sector Programme

Key details

LocationCaribbean region
Start dateMarch 2022
End dateDecember 2023
ClientCaribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)


The Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency’s (CDEMA) Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy and Results Framework 2014-2024 forms the core of the Agency’s approach to disaster management. With additional funding from the Government of Norway, additional work towards advancement of CDM in Participating States aims to create safer schools, more resilient communities, safer buildings, and regional capacity building delivered through the Agency’s Regional Training Centre (RTC).

Our Approach

As part of the achievement of this vision, OpenDevEd (ODE), in partnership with FlowMinder and the UN Institute for Training and Research, has been contracted to develop Safe Education Sector Plans (SESP), and accompanying National Adaptation Guide (NAG) for Participating States. Four intended outcomes include:

  • Advancement of the SESP across all Participating States
  • Community-based disaster risk management is advanced in selected vulnerable communities within Participating States
  • CDEMA RTC is enhanced and provides standardized, accredited and sustained training that supports the improved rollout of national CDM programmes
  • CDEMA Safer Building training programme is advanced in all Participating States


ODE staff are performing the following key tasks:

  • Delivery of key project deliverables, including Education Sector Diagnosis Report; six National Safe Education Sector Plans; Adaptation Guide; Education Sector Contingency Planning and Costing Guidelines
  • Overseeing the development of a self-paced online multimedia course to guide Education Ministry staff in the development of SESPs, as well as a blended/online training programme to increase awareness of and contingency planning for specific hazards
  • Overall project management, stakeholder management, and client liaison