SharePlusCode app

Key details

Start dateDecember 2019
End dateSeptember 2020


OpenDevEd (ODE) frequently works in rural locations where a reliable connection to the internet is not necessarily reliable. This can pose problems when conducting work or research which relies upon knowing your exact location. With increasing reliance on mobile technology to support in research and implementation, ODE set about trying to develop an app that could be used by both smartphones and non-smartphones in low-and middle-income countries.

Our Approach

ODE collaborated with Narola Infotech to develop SharePlusCode, an app that works as follows:

  • The apps looks for GPS satellites. If it cannot detect any, it probably means that the user is indoors or in a covered area. In that case, the app asks the user to go outside or move to a more open area.
  • Once SharePlusCode detects satellite signals, it asks the user to stay outside for up to 15 minutes. The app offers audio instructions for users with visual disabilities and/or have difficulty reading, as well as for users that are less familiar with use of apps and GPS.
  • One the location is obtained, the app displays the location as a PlusCode. PlusCodes can be easily written down, or communicated by phone. They also work in map applications, such as Google Maps and Maps.Me.


SharePlusCode is available for free here on the Google Play Store. It displays three levels of accuracy, ranging from 50 to just a few metres, and functions in 18 major and regional languages, tailored to its intended use in low-and middle-income countries.


More information about SharePlusCode and the technology behind the app can be found here on our blog.

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