Report on Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Sub-Saharan Africa


Key information

Location Sub-Saharan Africa
Start date December 2018
End date July 2020
Client German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (GOVET)


The German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (GOVET) is the national German vocational education and training cooperation partner for international collaboration. This research project produced a report assessing the state of research regarding TVET (technical and vocational education and training) in sub-Saharan Africa and identifying key research, researchers, and research organisations.

Our Approach

OpenDevEd led the research and writing of the report, including:

  • Assessment of over 2,000 TVET publications, theses, and reports across the continent
  • Detailed and rigorous review of over 300 TVET research publications in SSA
  • Capacity analysis and recommendations for TVET implementation capacity development
  • Mapping of the TVET sector in SSA, identifying key actors and networks, barriers and enablers to participation (including gender- and disability-related inclusion issues), with case studies in Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia
  • Recommendations for future TVET research studies

The report was developed with the coordinated inputs of national experts and practitioners from across and beyond the SSA region, a total of 31 authors. OpenDevEd also was a key partner in the establishment of the CON.VET network, assisting in the setup of the network website and recruitment of members.


GOVET is part of the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, situated within the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, allocating funding based on the recommendations of the report.

The collaborations formed by the project also led to the establishment of the Virtual Coordination Center and Network for TVET and TVET Research in Sub-Saharan Africa (CON.VET), for networking of international TVET researchers in sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.


Copies of the report can be found in English and German in our Evidence Library.

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