Alhaji Fortune

Alhaji Fortune is a senior staff member at EducAid Sierra Leone. He is a secondary school teacher at EducAid Lumley, where he teaches Biology as well as foundation coding and ICT. Alhaji is also a Tutor Master, the Head of the Department of Science, and the head of ICT.
Over the years, he has been able to oversee the work of the Science teachers, ensuring they have effective teaching support for excellent departmental performance. He has also worked as an enumerator in data collection processes for research organizations such as Open Development & Education (OpenDevEd) and Statistics Sierra Leone.
During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, he worked as a hygienist, ensuring that patients were cared for and lived in a clean environment. Alhaji holds a Certificate in Machine Learning from Dive Into Code in Japan and is an Awaiting Graduate of the University of Management and Technology’s B.Sc. Hon. Computer Science program. His current focus is on school administration and involvement in school improvement research