Dr Bridget Bannerman

A multidisciplinary researcher at the University of Cambridge and Researcher at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Science, Bridget is the founder of Science Resources Africa.  This initiative focuses on capacity building and enhancing the availability of scientific resources to African teachers and students, and Bridget collaborates with partners at the University of Cambridge to promote research in health and science education in African communities.

As a member of the Cambridge Association of Women in Science and Engineering and the founder of the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Science and Engineering, Bridget is currently working with both teams to develop gender-sensitive activities for teaching science and mathematics. 

At the Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry (University of Cambridge), Bridget’s research projects include:

  • Developing predictive models for various pathogenic organisms including protists, mycobacteria and viruses
  • Evolution and Comparative Genomics
  • Reviewing treatment management strategies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus to inform public health policies and global health
  • Designing tools and strategies for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance