Fatmata Zainab Bangura


Fatmata is a feminist advocating for women and girls in Sierra Leone to have equal access to education and all walks of life. She was appointed as a teacher in EducAid after taking her final high school exams to teach Economics and English language for entry-level classes. Due to her hard work and passion for girls’ education, she was later appointed as the equality coordinator in EducAid. Fatmata has handled this role with passion and commitment. Born and raised in Sierra Leone, she is aware of how women and girls are treated in their homes and communities.
She has dedicated herself to work with and for girls to ensure they are treated fairly. She has organised many sessions and training for girls and women on a range of empowerment issues to ensure that they are well-equipped and ready to change the narratives of how people see women in her community, Sierra Leone, and
beyond. Fatmata achieved a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2021.