Grace Macharia


Grace is a skilled educational professional with over 10 years’ experience working with educators to develop innovative and inclusive ways to transform teaching and learning. With her background in marketing and product development, she has developed a firm understanding of how to cultivate and foster strategic partnerships while strengthening knowledge sharing value chains.

Grace is the co-founder of a non-profit, Teach for Africa, an organization whose core mandate is to develop capacity in early childhood educators to enhance their inclusive teaching practices. She spearheaded the design, development and rolling out of a toolkit for best practices in inclusive early childhood education for literacy and numeracy. This experience afforded her a deep understanding of the education eco-system in South Africa and Botswana. She is a lifelong advocate of thoughtful dialogues that embrace diversity and promote inclusion.

Grace holds a Master’s degree in early childhood education from the University of Pretoria.


Full list of publications available here.