Dr Jens Schaffer


Dr Jens Schaffer is currently supporting the ramp-up of a component manufacturing plant for a German automotive supplier in the USA as a launch manager.  Before that he worked on numerous technical and educational projects as a Professor for Technical Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the SRH Hamm University of Applied Sciences for Logistics and Economics, visiting professor in the subjects of project management in automotive development and logistics at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC, Rio de Janeiro), administrative Professor for Production Management and Logistics at the University of Applied Sciences Emden as well as Freelance consulting engineer. His interests include process and resource planning, supply chain strategies, supply chain coordination, traffic and transshipment systems, data collection, and identification. In his teaching, Dr. Schaffer attaches great importance to vivid and active learning, e.g.

  • “The Fresh Connection”, a comprehensive web-based supply chain simulation by the Dutch consultancy Inchainge or
  • “MIT Beer Game”, a worldwide well-known simulation of the flow of information and materials in supply chains, which can also be produced for minimal effort,
  • with the self-developed SkaiLab simulation game (push and pull strategies, box, and series production).

At Open Development & Education, Jens supports industry links, professional education, as well as the development of innovative pedagogical approaches for higher education.

Full list of publications available here.