Adnane Touiyate

Adnane is an AI Engineering Intern at OpenDevEd. He carries an arsenal of AI knowledge that allows him to explore various problems and their solutions with data-driven perspectives, developing and incorporating AI tools to facilitate the creative process of approaching those problems. He has meticulous attention to detail, an ability that plays a crucial role in the quality and efficiency of the solutions he delivers. The passion that Adnane has for the AI field is contagious, and that is what drives him forward as he constantly faces diverse sets of challenges.

Soufiane Yakoubi

Soufiane is a Intern at Open Development and Education. As a committed software developer, he puts significant efforts into creating reliable solutions for challenging problems. He is also a student at the 1337 School, which is part of the 42 Network, where he is expanding his skills set in a cutting-edge environment.

Omar Aizab

Omar is a backend and IoT Intern at Open Development and Education. Skilled in full stack development and low-level programming, with a particular interest in developing secure and scalable backend systems for IoT applications. He is currently pursuing an IT Architect certification through the 1337 coding school, part of the 42 Network, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and growth. Eager to contribute to a collaborative and innovative team environment.

Abderrazzak Echaoubi

Abderrazzak is an Intern at OpenDevEd. He is a skilled Backend and Command Line Interface (CLI) Developer with a passion for exploring new technologies. Hailing from Morocco, he brings a diverse perspective to the world of software development. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to continuous learning, Abderrazzak consistently delivers efficient solutions. He is enthusiastic about keeping up with the latest trends in the field.

Yassine Khayri

Yassine is an Intern at OpenDevEd. He is a Front-End Web Developer whose mission is to develop the user interfaces and experiences of any website. Creating websites that are easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and communicate effectively. Currently, he is studying computer science at 1337, one of 42 Network schools, to become a software engineer. He is an Intern at OpenDevEd to hone his skills and contribute to their projects.