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What we do?

We work to facilitate effective change with education stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries. Equity and evidence are at the heart of our approach. We use ‘open’ (content, access, software, standards) to achieve scalability and sustainability, and we use agile and adaptive management, driven by a Theory of Change. Drawing on technology where it offers the best value proposition, we specialize in the following areas.

Rigorous education research

Efficient education programme implementation

Efficient education strategy and management

Technology in education

Rigorous Education Research

Open Development and Education was founded upon the key principle that change and innovation in the education sector should be founded on evidence. Particularly in the fast-changing, trend-driven EdTech sector, we work to produce reliable, actionable bases of evidence that inform effective strategy and programming.

Efficient Education Programe Implementation

Open Development and Education seek to bridge the gap between producing evidence and putting that evidence into practice in the education sector at all levels, from pre-primary and early childhood education to tertiary, professional, and vocational education.

Efficient Education Strategy and Management

We work with educational institutions, governments, donors, aid agencies, and other stakeholders to develop effective education implementation strategies and policies, with a particular focus on educational technologies and teacher professional development.

Technology in Education

When used effectively, technology can have significant positive impacts on learners, teachers, and those managing education at local, regional, and national levels. However, we recognize that technology is not a panacea for all 21st-century education. We believe that, whether low- or hi-tech, EdTech should be used when it presents the best-value solution.

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