OpenDevEd has been streamlining our Google Workspace workflows for many years, going back almost until the initial launch of apps script. For more details about all our Add-ons, see Our Tools.

BCalendarSync is an extension for Google Calendar. It allows you to synchronise events between different calendars that you own. For example, you can synchronise events from a personal calendar ([email protected]) to a work calendar (user@googleworkspacedomain), where your personal events will appear as ‘holds’ (without event details). Or, if you work part-time for two organisations (A and B), you can synchronise work events from A to B (as holds) and work events from B to A (as holds). At OpenDevEd, we often provide advice while embedded in other organisations, or within consortia, that have their own management structures.

For example, BCalendarSync allows us to synchronise our organisation calendars (at OpenDevEd) seamlessly with the team calendars at the EdTech Hub.

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