What GD? — Google Chrome Extension

Dive back into your recent files on Google Docs™, Google Sheets™, Google Forms™, Google Slides™, and diagrams.net effortlessly with the “What GD?” extension, exclusively crafted for Google Chrome browser users.


  • Centralized History for Google™ Services: Quickly find and access your recent files from the following services:
    • Google Docs™
    • Google Sheets™
    • Google Forms™
    • Google Slides™
    • diagrams.net
  • Quick Access Popup:
    • Recent History: Retrieve the links to files you have opened up to 10 days ago through a popup that appears when you click on the extension icon.
  • Extended History:
    • See More Results: Go deeper by exploring links opened up to 90 days ago. A click on the “See more results” option opens a new tab detailing a longer history of your file access.

Download & Support

Optimize your browsing experience and enjoy streamlined access to your recent files on various Google™ services with the “What GD?” extension.