Activating EdTech

Open Development & Education is supporting Activating EdTech in Jordan, together with the Queen Rania Foundation.

Activating EdTech is a project within the DFID-funded EDRIL work stream at QRF, consisting of a programme of “objective-focussed work-based professional development” to support the Ministry of Education in developing (and implementing) an appropriate EdTech policy for Jordan (“minimum-viable policy”, MVP) together with a policy implementation process. The participants in the programme are high-level ministry staff; it utilises adaptive management with regular periods of intensive co-working (“sprints”).

Additionally, as a member of the QRF Technical Advisory Committee, we support the Queen Rania Foundation with regard to education programming and educational technology.

Outputs and resources are available in our evidence library here: The key outputs include:

  • ﺔﻌﻣﺎﺟ ج., & ﺔﯿﻠﻛﺔﯿﺑﺮﺘﻟا. (n.d.). A short guide on the use of technology in learning (English, Arabic)دلیل مختصر حول استخدام التكنولوجیا في التعلّم. 17.