Teib Assaf


Teib Assaf is an Associate Consultant with more than five years of experience managing private and public sector innovation programmes in the Middle East and Africa regions. She is currently working with the World Bank on supporting the Government of Kenya to implement a US$ 50 million loan to enhance the productivity of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). She is also working with the World Bank on co-authoring a Chapter for the Office of the Chief Economist, Europe and Central Asia division on how data management systems can build effective, accountable, and transparent public administrations. Previously, she worked at UNICEF Jordan and led the scale-up of a social innovation labs programme from benefitting 30,000 to 120,00 young people in less than 18 months. Teib is passionate about innovation for inclusive development, user-centered technology design, and the interplay of the two. She holds a Master in Public Policy from the University of Oxford.


Full list of publications available here.