Technology in education

When used effectively, technology can have significant positive impacts on learners, teachers, and those managing education at local, regional, and national levels. However, we recognise that technology is not a panacea for all 21st-century education. We believe that, whether low- or hi-tech, EdTech should be used when it presents the best-value solution.

Technology in education should play an add-on role rather than being a core requirement in providing literacy and numeracy skills. The reason for that is that often is seen as a goal instead of as a tool. The goal is to improved literacy and numeracy, better professional development for the teachers, and improve their conditions while teaching. In short guarantee a better environment for all to enhance teaching and learning. Technology is one effective way of doing it, but we must bear in mind that access to it is not universalised.

Technology plays a role in how we run OpenDevEd. We are proud to develop and share tools we use to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work. Find our tools here