pcb 3d top sensor

Introducing the next iteration of our sensor box

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Björn Haßler and Bernhard Bablok

This blogpost was amended on 2024-02-02, correcting the power consumption to 380 nA. The blogpost previous stated an incorrect higher power consumption of 30 uA.

For our climate-resilience programme for schools in Tanzania, we are developing custom sensors to measure the impact of retrofits. The sensors measure potential reductions in temperature and noise in the classroom that we achieve through low-cost retrofits; such improvements are expected to have significant impact on learning. The first version of the custom sensor is already in use in Tanzania. Building on the insights of the initial sensor developments throughout 2023, we have now developed a new sensor. The development, as with the previous sensor, was led by Bernhard Bablok (https://github.com/bablokb/pcb-pico-datalogger).

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