Capacity building on analysis and use of qualitative data


Start dateNovember 2021
End dateDecember 2021
Clients UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSA)


UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa is implementing a Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funded Rapid Teacher Training on Open and Distance Learning Programme for teachers in Zimbabwe. As of June 2021, the programme had trained about 1,400 teachers in 2 modules. Of the programme’s 20 Teacher Trainers, ten were handling Module 1 on Introduction to Open Distance and Online Learning for Teachers in Africa, while another ten were handling Module 2 on Planning lessons for remote learning. In all, 60 Teacher Trainer reports on the sessions were produced. Contained critical information, trends, and issues that needed to be analyzed and documented, and used to develop policy briefs and action plans for teacher training and continuous professional development of teachers. OpenDevEd were therefore contracted to build the capacity of the research team at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) to conduct data analysis and develop programme implications.


The OpenDevEd team conducted the following activities:

  • Producing an inception report, including a 5 weeks training plan for 10 researchers at MoPSE
  • Conducting 10 training sessions, virtually, each two hours long, over a period of five weeks to train 10 MoPSE researchers to review, collate, and analyze the Teacher Trainers reports (60 in all made up of 30 for Module 1 and another 30 for Module 2), including a focus on data analysis and developing policy and programme implications.
  • Supporting MoPSE researchers to produce a 10-page analysis report (with embedded graphics) from trainers’ reports on Modules 1 and 2.
  • Developing a two-page policy brief on the findings and implications; and producing an infographic on the findings and implications


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