Citizen Digital Literacy Policy Framework


Start dateJuly 2023
End dateJanuary 2024
Clients Smart Africa


The governments of the Smart Africa Member States recognize the urgency to drive inclusion and economic growth through the development and adoption of strategies for education and skills development to meet Sustainable Development Goal 4. Essential to this is ensuring all African citizens are digitally literate, a fundamental building block for promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Open Development & Education, with partners eKitabu, are contracted by Smart Africa to develop a Digital Literacy for Citizens framework for Africa. This framework which will promote and measure the safe use of digital technologies to access information, communication, eGovernance services, job skills, learning, financial or eHealth services. It will endorse inclusion of vulnerable populations and encompass the various inequalities within African digital contexts such as low access, low awareness, low literacy and low infrastructure, variations in access, core literacy levels, or perceived value of digital technologies.


 OpenDevEd are engaged in the following activities: 

  • Conducting a comparative synthesis report on current digital literacy frameworks
  • Developing a set of policy guidelines to guide a systematic process of implementation of digital literacy frameworks in the region
  • Developing, contextualizing, adapting, validating, and launching a Citizen Digital Literacy Policy framework in five Smart Africa Member States
  • Conducting extensive stakeholder consultations, interviews, and focus groups to inform the development of the framework
  • Developing a digital readiness assessment tool for implementation of the framework, along with an adaptation guide for the framework specific to two Member States
  • Developing an Open Education Library, hosted on the Smart Africa Digital Academy’s eLearning platform, containing a foundational set of generic courses and content on digital literacy as a part of the framework