Partnerships database for TVET


Start dateJanuary 2022
End dateApril 2022
ClientBertelsmann Foundation


Open Development and Education conducted a mixed-methods study to create a database of partnerships in TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) between agencies in Germany and overseas. The database provides an overview of the extent and location of activities, as well as the responsible institutions. The database contributes to research and implementation in the field of ‘transnational qualification and mobility partnerships’ (‘tQMP’, ‘training partnerships’) in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is an important topic related to migration. The database developed is supporting the activities of the Bertelsmann Foundation in the area of TVET.


The information was collected on:

  • ongoing and completed training partnerships, including integration of such partnerships into German TVET programmes,
  • stakeholders from different sectors in business, civil society and politics, who operate or support partnerships,
  • the geographical location of the activities taking place and planned in the countries of origin and destination within the framework of the partnerships,
  • the target groups addressed by the partnerships in the countries of origin,
  • funding institutions and the extent of funding for the partnerships,
  • possible conceptual approaches of the stakeholders and the funding programs developed for them.

OpenDevEd staff provided the following deliverables:

  • A final report as well as a database detailing ongoing interventions, programmes, and activities involved in training partnerships.


— Report (This report is an internal report and not available from this site)

— TVET in our Evidence Library