Equal Measures 2030: Policymaker Survey


LocationKenya and Burkina Faso
Start dateMarch 2021
End dateApril 2021
Clients PLAN


Equal Measures 2030, and its partners FAWE and Initiative Pananetugri pour le Bien-être de la Femme, were collaborating on the Global Affairs Canada-funded project “Data-Driven Advocacy for Girls Education in Emergencies (EiE) in Africa.” The project aimed to work with both women’s rights organisations and decision-makers to improve the collection and use of gender data to advance education for girls and women in fragile settings within Kenya and Burkina Faso. The project was also part of the Global Affairs Canada commitment to The Charlevoix declaration, aiming to improve education for girls and women affected by crises, as well as lead to the collection of better sex- and age-disaggregated data on EiE.


Working closely with EM2030 and its partners, OpenDevEd conducted the following tasks:  

  • Refined the scope and focus of the research, based on EM2030’s existing Policymaker Survey questionnaire (conducted in 2017), up-to-date knowledge of existing policymakers’ perspectives relating to girls’ EiE, and an understanding of the research objectives for the project. 
  • Recommended a framework of analysis capturing policy priorities to address barriers for girls in their country. 
  • Defined a sample of at least 30 key decision makers in Kenya, meeting the agreed targets/criteria for  the sample mix 
  • Consulted informally with a sub-set of key EiE policy stakeholders to confirm the study scope,  interview sample, and gather insights to inform the interview guide 
  • Drafted an interview guide for the expert interviews 
  • Conducted expert interviews, making arrangements for language interpretation as required, keeping detailed notes/transcripts and conducted an analysis of interview findings 
  • Delivered detailed report summarising key research findings (draft report and final report incorporating feedback) 
  • Presented research findings to stakeholders, providing write-up of expert interviews to aid further analysis by partners


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