Kerko updates to IIEP Educational Policy Toolbox website


Start dateSeptember 2021
End dateNovember 2021
Clients UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning


The UNESCO IIEP required technical support in building an Open Source evidence library to organise their publications. The contract focused on using Kerko Library software to integrate the IIEP Education Policy Toolbox library (a fully searchable library of resources, all of which are available in open access and tagged to relevant Policy Toolbox pages) into the Education Policy Toolbox website.


OpenDevEd performed the following tasks under the supervision of Amélie Gagnon, Senior Programme Specialist (Development) and Project Manager 

  • Conducted inception and discovery activities with IIEPdev and IIEPdev and IIEP-IT teams
  • Tested the staging app, identified issues, reported issues to IIEP team, and shared knowledge about the apps’s architecture or function in order to support them in solving the issues
  • Made technical modifications, including:
  • Configuring the build process for running the app in a custom Docker image
  • Configuring app function according to IIEP requirements (URL paths, search functions,  print function, library item exclusion, citation style selection, Google Analytics integration)
  • Made additional ergonomic and style upgrades, including:
  • Integrating library stylistic changes to match that of the EPT through the development of a custom application 
  • Updating navigation mechanism for smoother blending with parent site and informal pages 
  • Implementing ‘badges’ to highlight IIEP- produced resources
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