Review of Kenya School of TVET curriculum

Key information

Location Kenya
Start date August 2023
End date October 2023
Clients Zizi Afrique Foundation


A combination of studies on youth in the formal, informal, and self-employment sectors reveal that, although technical skills are necessary to make youth more employable, life skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are the most important capabilities for employability across all sectors. Life skills are important to TVET trainees because youth who can combine cognitive skills such as literacy and numeracy with soft skills are more likely to succeed at work and in life.

The Zizi Afrique Foundation (ZAF) has taken the opportunity to collaborate with the Kenya School of TVET (KS-TVET) to review the latter’s Life Skills Curriculum. Open Development & Education (OpenDevEd) are contracted to review and enhance this curriculum, focusing on four key areas of improvement: industry involvement, delivery methods, assessment methods, and contextualising content. The goal of the project is to help bridge the gap between education and employment, through ensuring TVET graduates have the skills and knowledge to succeed effectively in the workplace.


OpenDevEd are responsible for the following activities:

  • Conducting desk research and engaging with stakeholders and past students to outline further areas for improvement
  • Incorporating consultations with 10 TVET departments to tailor the curriculum with industry-specific skills and cases
  • Improving delivery methods to include student-centred pedagogies and engaging, practice-oriented activities
  • Further developing assessment methods to integrate industry-tailored knowledge
  • Employing agile, iterative development to produce an improved, nine-module curriculum, validated by KS-TVET


Programme outputs will be published when made available on our Evidence Library.

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