EdTech Hub – National Numeracy Programme Malawi

Key details

Clients Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
PartnersResults for Development, University of Cambridge, Brink, Jigsaw


Our support to the National Numeracy Programme is part of our work for the https://new.opendeved.net/programmes/edtech-hub/.

For further details on the EdTech Hub work in Malawi, see https://edtechhub.org/where-we-work/malawi/.

Correa de Oliveira, A., Kanyoza, C., Lurvink, A.-F., Boilo, V., Kadzamira, E., & Haßler, B. (2023). Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Context of the National Numeracy Programme in Malawi: Findings from a Rapid In-depth Qualitative Study [Working Paper]. EdTech Hub. https://doi.org/10.53832/edtechhub.0156
Oliveira, A. C. de, Kanyoza, C., Boilo, V., Chidothi, E., Kadzamira, E., Mpoola, D., McBurnie, C., Phiri, M., & Haßler, B. (2022). Teaching and learning of mathematics in the context of the National Numeracy Programme: Finding from a rapid in-depth qualitative study [Technical Report]. EdTech Hub. https://doi.org/10.53832/edtechhub.0177

You can also view those resources in our Evidence Library here: https://docs.opendeved.net/lib/?featured=L9BBRUZP.RU54ZN6P.

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