Pathways towards digitalization in education


LocationECA region
Start dateOctober 2022
End date
Clients The World Bank


Many countries across the globe and in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) are at a turning point. Having boosted growth and incomes during the last few years, continued progress on ending extreme poverty and improving shared prosperity will require taking stronger steps to build resilience and raise productivity. Strategic use of data and technology can have a transformative effect on learning due to its potential to rapidly scale for impact on several identifiable and seemingly intractable challenges.

This programme’s objective is to develop an ECA regional report on the delivery of Human Development (HD) services, intended to clarify strategic pathways towards digitalization in education, and that can guide Bank operations and analytics. Three think-pieces are being developed to address several key research questions: 

  • What role would digital technologies play in the delivery of HD services?
  • What are the “dividends” in digitalizing service delivery?
  • How to achieve greater digitalization of delivery, and what are the risks of this?
  • Is there a “pathway to digitalization” for service delivery in each sector?
  • How should digitalization for HD service delivery be financed?
  • How can digital technologies play a role in the integrated delivery of HD services?


 OpenDevEd formed part of the core research and writing team, and engaged in the following activities: 

  • Co-developing the main outline of the report
  • Contributing to research and synthesis of evidence
  • Developing case examples in close consultation with the Technical Team Lead and the task team to be relevant to Bank operations and analytics in the Bank’s client countries 
  • Conducting interviews and consultations with experts and incorporating feedback into the final deliverable report


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