Perspectives on the pedagogical use of technology

Key information

Location United Kingdom
Start date February 2014
End date April 2016
Funded by ARM
Collaborators University of Cambridge


ARM is a leading semiconductor company, which supports other producers (such as Apple and Samsung) as an original equipment manufacturer in developing devices like phones and tablets. Additionally, they support manufacturers in exploring new business areas, including education.

Collaborating with the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education, OpenDevEd produced a white paper to help explicitly link technology affordances with pedagogical approaches, including a toolkit to facilitate focused and effective discussion around technology-enhanced pedagogical and teacher professional development interventions. The white paper provides six focused perspectives on the interaction between technology, pedagogy, and educational resources, considering:

  • The implementation of technology in the classroom;
  • Lessons for the successful introduction of technology in schools;
  • Opening up pedagogic spaces to promote dialogue, collaboration, and problem solving;
  • The centrality of teachers and teacher education to successfully integrating digital technology into the classroom;
  • Mobile technology in international development; and
  • Quality, accessible, and contextually appropriate educational content for students and teachers.

Additional papers on tablet use in schools were also developed and published as journal articles and in Springer’s Handbook on Digital Learning for K-12 Schools.


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