Pakistan TPD T4T Landscape Review

Deliver a landscape review of TPD programmes in Pakistan in order to support enhanced TPD practices that leverage tech-based solutions.

TPD Evidence and Impact

Save the Children Norway commissioned a review of evidence of good practice and impact regarding technology-enabled teacher learning circles.

The EdTech Hub

The EdTech Hub is a consortium-led programme, which aims to increase the use of evidence to inform decision-making.


The IRISE project aims is to assist the Government of Liberia to improve the senior secondary education through “innovative approaches”.

Tich mi ar tich dem (E-Cubed)

Funded by Dubai Cares via the Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies’ E-Cubed research grant, the Tich Mi Ar Tich...

Safe Education Sector Programme

The Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency’s (CDEMA) Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy and Results Framework 2014-2024 forms the...

Support to APIF

Promoting sustainable accessibility and use of digital educational content in and beyond the classroom. The programme was developed using...