DECI Content development support (OECS)

The programm aims to asses the digital content situation, identify gaps, and to make recommendations for and implement capacity development...

Improving Learning Through Classroom Experience in East Africa

The programme focuses on investigating whether modification of the built environment can positively impact the classroom experience to improve learning

Pakistan TPD T4T Landscape Review

Deliver a landscape review of TPD programmes in Pakistan in order to support enhanced TPD practices that leverage tech-based solutions.

TPD Evidence and Impact

Save the Children Norway commissioned a review of evidence of good practice and impact regarding technology-enabled teacher learning circles.

The EdTech Hub

The EdTech Hub is a consortium-led programme, which aims to increase the use of evidence to inform decision-making.


The IRISE project aims is to assist the Government of Liberia to improve the senior secondary education through “innovative approaches”.

Tich mi ar tich dem (E-Cubed)

Funded by Dubai Cares via the Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies’ E-Cubed research grant, the Tich Mi Ar Tich...

Safe Education Sector Programme

The Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency’s (CDEMA) Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy and Results Framework 2014-2024 forms the...

Support to APIF

Promoting sustainable accessibility and use of digital educational content in and beyond the classroom. The programme was developed using...